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Committed to protecting the interest of property owners, developers, contractors, real estate investors and businesses, Indianapolis Real Estate Lawyers at the law office of Berkshire Law provide its clients with a wide range of  solutions to meet their real estate needs. We take great pride in providing experienced representation designed to achieve results in an expedient, cost-effective manner.

At Berkshire Law, we represent clients in diverse real estate transactions and disputes. Our firm has extensive experience in the following areas:

Contract Draft and Review: Berkshire Law works to draft and review real estate contracts and agreements that meet the needs of our clients.

Contractor Disputes: We work with property owners and real estate investors to resolve disputes due to delays, quality of work, or other issues that may arise.

Easement and Boundary Disputes: Berkshire Law handles a variety of complex issues involving easements and boundary disputes.

Land Use and Zoning: Berkshire Law understands how to interact with zoning boards to resolve any disputes or to achieve a desired outcome for its clients.

Landlord/Tenant DisputesWe represent landlords as to their rights and relations with tenants. Berkshire Law recognizes that it can sometimes be a touchy situation for a landlord in dealing with their tenants. We work with landlords to understand their rights and responsibilities under Indiana law.

Lease Agreements and Disputes: Berkshire Law understand the importance of having a properly written lease agreement in order to eliminate any misunderstanding and problems that commonly arise between a landlord and tenant. Berkshire Law works with landlords to preserve, protect and execute rights in their real estate asset.

Mechanic Liens: We work with contractors and businesses to file, and then negotiate the release thereof, a mechanic lien to remedy non-payment of performed work.

Purchase and Sale of Real Estate: Berkshire Law handles transactional matters and disputes related to the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate. As a real estate broker, Berkshire Law’s founder Jynell Berkshire, understands the complexities involving real property.

Purchase Agreements/Deeds (warranty deeds and quit claim deeds): We work with our clients to draft the appropriate purchase agreements and deeds for the purchase or sale of real estate.

Mortgages and Foreclosure Actions: Berkshire Law represents mortgage holders seeking to foreclose on residential and commercial properties.

Real Estate Closing Representation: Regardless if you are a local, out-of-state or international real estate buyer or seller, Berkshire Law assists our clients with closing real estate transactions in the State of Indiana.

Short Sales: Berkshire Law works with property owners and real estate investors to sale and acquire real estate through the short sale process.

Tax Sales/Surplus Sales: Berkshire Law represents real estate investors and businesses seeking to maximize their investments of real estate acquired through tax sales and/or surplus sales. We also represent individuals facing the loss of their property due to delinquent property taxes.

Title Actions: We work with clients to resolve title disputes and title insurance problems. We know that a dispute on a real estate title, regardless how minor it may be, can hold up a property sale.

Quiet Title ActionsBerkshire Law understands the importance of a property owner having clean title to their real estate asset. We work diligently to ensure that all challenges, claims, liens, and judgments are removed and do not cloud the title of such real estate asset.

If you have a real estate issue, want legal advice, or need assistance in resolving a real estate dispute, contact us. Berkshire Law will help you to understand your rights and pursue your interests. 

Berkshire Law is here for you!

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Jynell Berkshire

Ms. Berkshire is the founding attorney of BERKSHIRE LAW. Ms. Berkshire is a seasoned attorney who focuses her practice on real estate and business law, government relations, and certified business enterprises services. Read More >

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